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March 7, 2022

How Chipboard can Boost Your Packaging

By: admin/Packaging Solutions

Chipboard paper, also called paperboard, is an effective packaging solution for many products. Consumers worldwide have started to turn to chipboard, mainly because it is eco-friendly and cheap. Packaging companies in Ontario regularly use chipboard in packaging solutions. Today we will discuss how chipboard can help in packaging and why using it is so beneficial.

What Is a Chipboard?

Chipboard is a 100% recyclable form of material. Packaging companies in Ontario make it by forming layers of recycled paper that have been processed already. The layers are glued together, so a firm and smooth is formed. Chipboard comes in various densities and thicknesses, depending upon the use.

Advantages of Using a Chipboard

  • Chipboard offers value for money

Chipboard is very cheap to produce, as compared to traditional types of packages. In this way, chipboards offer value for money. Besides significant savings in the cost of production, it is also easier to transport the material because it takes less space as compared to other packaging materials.

  • It helps in saving storage space

It is also possible to save storage space when it comes to storing chipboards because of lack of air. Moreover, since chipboard is a solid sheet, it is less likely to get damaged or crushed before use, as is the case with corrugated packaging materials.

  • Chipboard is eco-friendly

Chipboard is quite eco-friendly, as compared to other recycled materials as well. It is made using recycled cardboard and paper. Not a lot of energy is required to produce chipboard, which means that minimal resources are used for producing this form of packaging. In this way, the entire manufacturing process of chipboard is quite eco-friendly and does not negatively impact the external environment.

Packaging manufacturers in Canada also ensure that their chipboard is 100% recyclable, so when they have been used, they can be recycled again instead of going into a landfill.

  • They are less vulnerable to damage

It is easy for various packaging materials to get punctured easily, posing a threat to the items instead of the packaging. However, the density of the chipboard offers extra strength and makes it less vulnerable to damage. In this way, food items or other soft products can be transported using chipboard packaging.

Many Canadian packaging companies recommend using chipboard for packaging solutions. If you are looking for chipboard packaging, contact Coleman Containers today.

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