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When you’re transporting products, you want to ensure that they reach their final destination safely and reliably. Edge board packaging is a great way to ensure this happens. A corrugated edge board provides an extra layer of protection during transportation and storage. Combine them with corrugated chipboard boxes for an excellent solution for all your transportation needs. Here are a few other features:

  • Lightweight and sturdy, so they won’t significantly affect your shipping costs while still providing protection. 
  • Versatile that can be used in commercial, industrial, and even domestic shipping. 
  • Corrugated chipboard and edge board packaging can be easily stored or recycled. 
  • Custom chipboard boxes for packaging are easy to assemble and can be made for any of your needs. 

When you choose your chipboard boxes manufacturer, you want to ensure that they follow all of the best design and construction practices. At Coleman, we follow ISO-9000 regulations and have strict environmental policies so that you can enjoy packaging supplies that are sturdy and reliable. We have a quick turnaround and are here to help you out, no matter what your emergency may be. Get a quote today. 

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