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June 7, 2021

Integrating Sustainability into the Packaging Industries

By: admin/Eco-Friendly Packaging

Visibility surrounding sustainability issues has only grown with the years. And it’s a good thing, seeing as making the switch to more environmentally sound choices can be one of the most beneficial things a business can do. It is so rewarding to know that, with just making a few smarter and more considered choices, a business can really minimize their ecological footprint over time. This is enough reward in and of itself, however, it can also really boost sales. Consumers are increasingly concerned with having environmentally safer buying practices, and so being on their radar as a more ecologically friendly brand can be helpful. A great place to start making your company more eco conscious, is to switch to environment friendly packaging.

Packaging is a great place to start, because it is ubiquitous to almost every brand nowadays. If you are selling a physical good of any kind, you likely need a packaging solution to get it safely shipped to the customer. Seeing as packaging is necessary every time you ship a product; this is an area where even small changes can really add up to a great effect over time. Sustainable packaging companies like we here at Coleman Containers can help you get started with minimizing your carbon footprint, starting with your packaging processes.

One of the most obvious places to start working on with Environmentally friendly packaging companies, is on the packaging materials themselves. At Coleman Containers, we offer sustainable and accessible packaging solutions, like corrugated cardboard boxes that are completely recyclable. Making the switch to a more ecological packaging material can make a huge difference to the overall sustainability of your business in the long-term. With Coleman, you can choose between a variety of biodegradable and sustainable packaging materials that can really help your company reach its sustainability targets.

Additionally, the process of making your environment friendly packaging is an area that can be made greener as well. Sustainability is not just about producing environmentally friendly products; it is also about committing to environmentally sound practices overall. Waste management and energy conservation are important environmental practices that all businesses should consider, and the packaging industry is included in this. We at Coleman Containers know this, and that’s why our plants use purified wastewater, why we use cool roofing and energy efficient lighting to keep energy use down, and why we commit to using environmentally friendly cleaning supplies that won’t contaminate water sources. If appealing to the increasing number of ecologically conscious customers, hitting your sustainability targets, and working with a reliable and great quality company sounds interesting to you, reach out to us at Coleman Containers. We don’t just hold ourselves accountable to taking care of the environment, we also hold ourselves accountable to taking great care of our clients!

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