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Valuable medical equipment and sensitive devices ship securely with Coleman Containers.

When you’re in the business of specialized medical equipment and devices, you need a packaging solutions partner that really understands all your requirements and logistics. We’ve been helping medical equipment manufacturers get their products to hospitals and clinics for many years. Our medical device packaging solutions include:

  • custom design: we design and prototype for each piece of equipment or device for a perfect fit, package performance, and product safety.
  • integrated assemblies: we build multi layer packs that offer gforce protection, theft protection, and vibration protection. Our assemblies include:
    • heavy duty corrugated: designed to carry the weight of large medical equipment or protect smaller sensitive devices, we use corrugated that protects everything.
    • protective foams:we use a wide variety of protective foams including antistatic, conductive, convoluted, polypropolene, polyethylene, and polyurethane, and we combine rigid and soft foams for maximum protection.
    • custom skids: our custom skids are specially designed to carry weight, secure your product, and provide easy roll off via ramps.
  • multiple components: for equipment with multiple components, we create assemblies that let you put all your components in one package.
  • small runs / pre-assembled packaging: we can create small runs of pre-assembled medical packaging and make them available as you need them to eliminate plant floor assembly, handling, and reduce overall storage.

No matter what your need, we can customize a medical packaging solution for you.

Call Joe Doplaga at 1-800-493-7441 to discuss your needs.

We look forward to working with you by providing the best medical device packaging solutions!

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