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Coleman Containers offers custom packaging in Canada. We create and manufacture customized packaging solutions for thousands of different products, applications, and inventory management needs. We offer corrugated, custom foam packing solutions and supplies like foam padded shipping boxes and fibre packaging paper products. There are five key components to our custom packaging solutions:

Corrugated cardboard boxCustomized To Your Exact Requirement.

No matter what your product or how complex your packaging need, we can provide custom packaging in Canada for your exact requirements.

We’ll work through a consultative process with you to understand your needs, evaluate options, and create the right solution. Our design engineers and manufacturing specialists create packaging prototypes that let you see your product in it’s shipping container, and test the performance of the packaging.

We also use a wide range of suppliers with very diverse product lines to source the substrates and materials best suited for your application.

Speed Is CriticalSpeed Is Critical.

We know speed is important to you, and we have built our manufacturing operations around getting products to you quickly.

We always have a wide range of grades of stock sheets and board sizes available in our 85,000 square foot manufacturing plant that can be converted quickly. We’ve invested in state of the art machinery that can produce 18,000 boxes an hour with minimal lead time.

Our supply chain / mrp software keeps our customers’ designs and specs on hand so we can produce repeat orders very quickly. And we have our own fleet of trucks, so we’re not relying on third party carriers to make sure your delivery gets to you on time.

Corrugated cardboard boxCost Reduction.

As your just in time custom packaging solution provider in Canada, we can help you reduce your costs.

We’ll work with you to explore ways that we can reduce your need to carry significant inventory, freeing up cash. We can also help you with our:

  • pre-assembled / kitted packs that will improve productivity
  • co-packing that will reduce your labour costs
  • daily / just-in-time deliveries so you never run out

Total Quality ManagementTotal Quality Management.

Everybody wants quality, but you have to be willing to invest in your people, operations, and processes to deliver it.

Since 1998, our plant has been ISO 9001 certified. Our shipping area is located within a gated and controlled environment for complete product control. And for seven years in a row, we have been recognized by Magna Corporation’s (Decoma Trims Division) as their Supplier of the Year.


One of our customers often says “an order placed with Coleman is an order placed with confidence”. We know many of our customers feel the same way. In fact, almost half our customers have been with us over 20 years.

We are committed to giving you worry free trusted service by providing custom packaging in Canada. We do what we say we are going to do. We don’t make promises we can’t keep.

We’ll always find ways to meet your packaging solutions in Canada at a price and timeframe that will work for your business.

Coleman Containers

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