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Not only is kitting an effective method to ship products, but your customers will also enjoy it as it helps avoid overpackaging. At Coleman Containers, we provide you with custom kitting solutions so that your products can reach their final destination in an organized and cost-effective manner. By choosing the hand assembly of corrugated boxes, your business will be able to cut down shipping costs and save on storage space.

Custom Kitting Solutions

Our custom kitting boxes are made with lightweight but sturdy materials that offer protection and make for easy transport. We’ll help your organization reach its sustainability goals by providing products that are easy to recycle. No matter what your emergency may be, Coleman Containers is here to provide you with all your custom kitting box needs. Our quick turnaround and late-night shipping ensure you’ll always have the best shipping solutions at your disposal. As one of the trusted kitting and assembly companies, we’re committed to optimizing your shipping process. Get a quote today.

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