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August 10, 2022

Why Should You Get Custom Packaging?

By: admin/Custom Packaging

By now, all companies probably know that packaging can make a real difference in the way their product is perceived. Packaging can either be cohesive with your branding and messaging, or it can go awry. Because of this, one area where you may want to invest, is in custom product packaging.

Investing in custom made packaging can really help your company go the extra mile in helping your product to stand out. Custom made packaging can be fitted to your exact standards and specifications, which can really help to elevate your brand. After all, the appeal of custom product packaging is the customizability itself!

Some Benefits of Investing in Custom Product Packaging Boxes

Stand Out

The very first benefit to investing in custom product packaging, is that you will stand out visually from the competition! As we mentioned above, packaging is often the first part of your product that a potential customer will see! So, make sure that you stand out from the rest of the items on the shelf! Not only can custom cosmetic packaging boxes help your brand to stand out, they can also help with your brand storytelling!

At the end of the day, your company is going to have many opportunities to leverage brand story telling. However, product packaging is where your brand storytelling is first introduced. You should always be ready to pick out custom product design choices that can help tell consumers more about you. Is your branding all about sleek, monochromatic tones? Are you fun loving with lots of bright colours? These are all beneficial.


The second benefit of investing in custom product packaging boxes, is that you will be able to customize all details. When you think details, you may think only about aesthetic choices. However, details can go well beyond design choices like colour scheme or packaging shape. Details are all about the data that you want customers to know about your brand and product. Investing in sustainable packaging shows that you care. So does including detailed instructions and fun information! Packaging can help show the overall “personality” and feel of your brand!


Lastly, good quality custom product packaging can serve and incredibly utilitarian, but important, function: security! If your product is at all fragile, you may very well want to invest in packaging that is custom made to keep it safe from damage! Customized product packaging can, after all, be made perfectly to your exact protective specifications.

Going Custom with Coleman Containers

At Coleman Containers, we offer a variety of custom options. We can create fantastically protective packaging, with anti-crush capabilities, to meet your custom requirements. We also practice several eco-friendly measures at our plant. Such as: wastewater purification and a cool roof system. Because we want to help create beautiful packaging, while also helping you to meet your sustainability goals.

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