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June 26, 2022

What To Consider When Shipping Automotive Parts

By: admin/Automotive Packaging

The automotive industry is a fast-growing sector worth billions of dollars. Currently, it is supporting more than 4 million jobs directly or indirectly. In 2021, the United States, which is arguably the industry’s premier global market exported an estimated $63.2 billion in heavy, medium, and light vehicles. They also did an extra $85.6 billion from auto parts export.

This implies that auto parts suppliers have a fertile ground to invest in. However, there is a growing need for cost-effective and efficient automotive parts packaging solutions. This is among the most important things to consider when considering shipping automotive parts. Manufacturers and suppliers will save some money with cost-effective and efficient packaging solutions. They will also ensure their goods arrive at their destination fully intact and undamaged.

Types Of Automotive Packaging

The type of automotive packaging one chooses determines if it is cost-effective and efficient. Therefore, when selecting automotive parts packaging solutions, the kind of packaging is one of the critical things to consider. But when choosing the type of automotive packaging, what works best for the product is most important. This can be based on if the packaging is returnable or expandable.

Returnable Packaging

Returnable packaging is a packaging solution for the automotive industry and other manufacturing industries and the distribution cycle. It is a packaging solution that is meant to be reused. Examples of such packaging materials include crates, racks, and pallets. Returnable packaging help to reduce packaging waste and carbon footprint. It also protects products from moisture and several other contaminants during shipment, as it is rigid and sealed. With this, manufacturers and suppliers can have a tighter inventory control as they can track their packaging.

Expendable Packaging

As the name implies, Expendable packaging is a packaging solution that can be replaced or disposed of after use. It is a single-use packaging design that is often discarded once it reaches its final destination. The materials usually used for expandable packaging are wood-based, like plywood or corrugated, and paper. Expendable packaging can be more cost-effective for longer distribution routes, especially shipping overseas.

However, when choosing expendable packaging, the product life-cycle must be considered. Also, business owners must consider the carbon footprint of the packaging solution. They must consider if the packaging solution can be recycled, allowing them to incorporate green policies and navigate potential environmental regulations.

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