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November 10, 2021

What Corrugated Boxes Do for You

By: admin/Corrugated Packaging

There is no doubt about it, that there are many different types of packaging options out there. For every type of business, there are a wide range of packaging options to choose from. However, there is one that should be on everyone’s radar: corrugated boxes. Yes, corrugated boxes are a packaging option with a myriad of benefits. So, for those companies looking for custom boxes Toronto, consider that corrugated boxes may just be the option for you.


The first thing to know about corrugated cardboard boxes Canada, is that they are fully recyclable, which can make them a more sustainable option. This is huge because it means that corrugated boxes could potentially help your company meet their sustainability targets and overall become more ecologically friendly on the whole. Additionally, sustainable packaging is something that customers increasingly look for, and so switching to corrugated boxes may even help to elevate your brand in the eyes of consumers. Additionally, because corrugated boxes are so sturdy and strong, they can often be reused for different things! This makes them an even more sustainable, and cost effective, option.


Corrugated custom boxes in Toronto are not simply more sustainable however, they also are beneficial in many other ways. For example, corrugated boxes are generally a more affordable option! Yes, because they do not require as many expensive materials or costly labour to produce, costs can be kept further down! Additionally, corrugated box manufacturers can provide a high degree of customization to your corrugated cardboard boxes of choice. Logos and branding materials can be printed directly onto cardboard boxes, providing an affordable and effective option for making the look of the boxes your own. The way that cardboard boxes can easily be printed upon, makes them a great choice for companies who want to create a highly customized look.


Custom boxes in Toronto are also generally lighter in weight. This alone makes them an incredibly appealing option when shipping is involved, as it means that they won’t weight down a shipping container or unit the same way that a heavier weight material might. More lighter weight materials can also cut down on the amount of fuel needed for shipping, which has great effects on affordability, and sustainability (again). Additionally, lighter weight materials are generally easier for teams to deal with.

Coleman Containers

For those looking to reap all of these benefits, and more, look no further than Coleman Containers. Our corrugated cardboard boxes provide superb protection, all while being lightweight. We know how to help you make the most of you shipping process, all while cutting costs as well as delivery on quality. Custom corrugated boxes are all about being tough, and yet still adaptable to your company’s specific needs.

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