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May 10, 2022

Using Custom packaging to Maintain the Cold Chain

By: admin/Custom Packaging

When it comes to pharmaceuticals, maintaining the cold chain is incredibly important. Many medical products are incredibly fragile and sensitive to temperatures chains. This is especially true when it comes to products that require lower temperatures to remain intact. Allowing certain pharmaceutical products and medications to warm up can cause them to spoil. In fact, warmer temperatures can even outright destroy certain extra sensitive medications such as biologics. You as a pharmaceutical company no doubt care very much about maintaining the cold chain. This can be difficult to do, especially when it comes to shipping out products. Properly made pharmaceutical packaging can really help insulate your precious pharmaceutical products against harsh temperatures.

There is so much that you, as a pharmaceutical company, cannot control when it comes to shipping conditions on the road. Temperatures in the real world can ebb and flare, and this can be problematic for maintaining the cold chain. This is where pharmaceutical packaging solutions come into play. Well-made packaging can serve as the all-important buffer between your temperature-sensitive products and the outside world.

Benefits of Investing in Quality Pharmaceutical Packaging

  • Good quality packaging can expand the range of places that you can ship to. As commerce globalizes, and demand for online ordering and delivery increases, you may need to ship your products further. Increased availability for important medications is absolutely a positive thing. However, figuring out how to ship temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products can be tricky, especially over longer journeys. A savvy medicine packaging company will work with you to find packaging solutions that fit your needs. They may even choose to work with you to implement custom special packaging for extra sensitive medications and products.
  • Well-made and effective pharmaceutical packaging can still be sustainable. Many pharmaceutical companies are understandably worried about the environmental impact of their shipping and packaging processes. You may be even more worried about the impact of your cold chain packaging. As it can be more intensive and require more heavy duty materials. However, the good news is that pharmaceutical packaging solutions are changing with the times, and there are growing sustainable options.

Maintaining your Cold Chain with Coleman Containers

At Coleman Containers, we understand the importance of good quality packaging, especially when it comes to pharmaceutical products. We take pride in our craftsmanship, and our ability to design smart and effective solutions for your packaging needs. We produce only sturdy, and quality-made packaging that won’t allow your products to become damaged during shipping. At Coleman Containers, we can also adapt our containers to be tailor-made to suit your unique packaging needs. Additionally, we incorporate many eco-friendly production practices, that can help your company meet your sustainability goals. You can invest in quality, with Coleman Containers.

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