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November 17, 2021

The Rise of Airless Packaging for Cosmetics

By: admin/Cosmetic Packaging

Packaging, just like many other industries, can see certain rises in demand for desirable technology and trends in consumer habits. For companies, it can be important to know what trends there are in packaging demand, not just for the goods that they sell. Sometimes well-made packaging can be just the thing to help your product stand out from the competitors. There is a great example of this happening in the cosmetic industry right now, with the rise in demand for airless custom product packaging for cosmetics products.

Cosmetic Packaging Needs

Cosmetic packaging boxes are not just about aesthetics and branding. Yes, these aspects can be incredibly important, and can help your cosmetic products stand out on the shelf, and feel overall more luxe and thoughtfully crafted. However, cosmetic packaging can also affect the way your cosmetic product itself is seen by customers. With greater consumer awareness about cosmetic formulations and skincare potency, there can be a greater demand for cosmetic packaging that seems more smartly designed and shelf stable.

Avoid Oxidization

Airless cosmetic packaging supplies can help reduce the undesirable effect that oxygen can have on cosmetic formulations, also known as oxidization. The effects of oxidization can really mess with your great cosmetic formulas, causing products to look, smell, or behave differently than intended. Potent skincare formulas, for example, may be affected by oxidization, Additionally, issues such as colour change can be alarming to consumers, as it can often signal that a product is starting to expire. With airless packaging, shelf life can be extended by a truly helpful 15%!

Keep Goods Sterile

Airless custom product packaging can also help keep out contaminants in general, because of its more secure design. This can help keep cosmetic formulations safe from the negative effects of bacteria, and may also be more appealing to consumers who worry about cosmetic hygiene issues that can arise from less than sanitary packaging. Lastly, many airless packaging options can be fine-tuned to supply specific amounts of product each time, which can be helpful when customers want a measured dose of certain formulas.

Coleman Containers

At Coleman Containers, we believe that cosmetic packaging should be beautiful on the shelf, as well as safe and secure to ship. We know that so much of a great consumer experience with a cosmetic product can be made, or broken, by packaging. We offer some of the best custom product packaging available because we keep many different important variables in mind. Firstly, we always put a priority on security.

All of our cosmetic containers are anti-crush, so that your customers never have to receive a crushed cosmetic product in the mail. We also care about adapting our packaging to meet your needs, because every company and cosmetic product might require slightly different packaging. Lastly, we care about sustainability, and helping your company to reach their environmental goals.

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