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January 21, 2022

Telling Your Company’s Story through Custom Packaging

By: admin/Custom Packaging

Good, eye catching, packaging can be the difference between a customer noticing your product, or skipping it entirely. In fact, it can take a customer as little time as seven seconds to decide to give your product a second look. Do you feel like your packaging is a little lackluster? Do you feel that your product packaging just doesn’t stand out for your competitors on shelves? You may be in need of an aesthetic upgrade and should look into custom shipping boxes Canada.

How to Highlight Your Company Story with Custom Packaging

Match Product and Packaging

Tip number one is to ask yourself if your packaging truly matches your product. Your custom shipping boxes Canada should have a look and feel that enhances your product. First, you must evaluate whether the aesthetic of your packaging helps tell a cohesive story with your product. For example, are you using a colour story in your packaging that goes well with the look of your product? Does your packaging visually clash with your product? These are all questions you should ask of yourself.

Additionally, does you packaging leverage the same feelings as your product? For example, if your product is sleek and modern, does your packaging reflect that? If your product is meant to be eco-friendly, your packaging should be as well. The people who are drawn to your product will likely appreciate packaging with similar attributes.

Promote the Brand

Secondly, you should ask yourself if your packaging helps your brand stand out. Attractive packaging can make a great first impression on potential customers. Packaging should be designed to grab attention, as well as keep it. Brainstorm ways that you can tell the story of your brand with packaging. If your brand is associated with a certain colour palette, you can start there. You should keep everything, from product to packaging, on brand.

Customers may also be more likely to remember your product and recognize your brand in the future. You should incorporate design elements that help to elevate your brand. Good quality corrugated box manufacturers can help you to create custom packaging that is in line with your brand.

Choose a Reliable Supplier

If you are in need of corrugated packaging companies, look no further than Coleman Containers. At Coleman Containers, we have a customized packaging solution for every need. We can create and manufacture custom shipping boxes Canada to fit a wide variety of products. We will work with you on the consultative process, to help ensure you get exactly what you need. We will also create packaging prototypes so that you can test performance. We also know how keep things time efficient. We have invested in state-of-the-art machinery that can produce as many as 18,000 boxes an hour.

Learn more about how Coleman Containers can help tell your brand’s story today!

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