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October 13, 2021

Should Medical Device Packaging be Customized?

By: admin/Medical Packaging

The packaging that houses medical devices does some serious heavy duty lifting! Packaging meant for medical devices has to be strong enough to protect some of the most precious (and potentially fragile) cargo around. However, medical devices are not all the same, and thus, will not have all of the same needs. A medical device made of glass may need a very different form of packaging than a device made from a different, less breakable, material. With there being such diversity in packaging needs and specifications when it comes to medical devices, it might make sense for medical device companies to consider going custom. After all, going custom means that medical device packaging companies will be able to customize your packaging to best fit the needs of each of your different category of medical device. A well-made and customized packaging solution may be just the thing to ensure that your medical devices stay safe and sound.

Customization for medical device packaging is first and foremost about the safety of medical devices. It is crucial that medical devices get to their destination in one piece and in good working order, so that they can be of true help to patients down the line. Medical devices can be fragile, and therefore require strong and sturdy packaging to keep them in one piece. However, different medical devices can be fragile in ways that require completely different packaging solutions. Sometimes a device might need foam most, sometimes a device will need other customized packaging solutions. In fact, customization might to some extent be mandated for medical packaging. Certain medical devices may need to meet specific regulations in order to be approved. Packaging methods themselves may also be inspected, with the International Organization for Standardization (also known as ISO) potentially having to test your medical device packaging for quality issues, such as having sturdy enough sealing. Packaging should also be properly sterilized to prevent contamination issues.

At Coleman Containers, we understand the importance of working with medical device packaging companies who can really understand all of your medical device requirements and logistics. That is why we offer a variety of different packaging solutions for medical devices. You need to have options in order to be able to find a packaging solution that will best fit the needs of each individual medical device. With our custom design program, we design and prototype for each piece of equipment or device, to ensure great quality performance and package safety. Options are various, but include solutions such as special packaging foams which can be customized exactly as needed to provide maximum protection for medical devices. Depending on how a medical device might be shipped, we can also customize packaging solutions that protect against vibration, theft, and even gforce. Discover the custom packaging solutions that will keep your medical devices as safe as possible, with Coleman Containers.

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