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June 7, 2022

Safety First: Packaging Medical Devices

By: admin/Medical Packaging

Packaging is sometimes the last thing many manufacturers and suppliers consider. However, it is usually a user’s first experience with their product. Packaging plays a crucial role in the success of a product. Based on this, many manufacturers now consider several factors regarding designing medical device packaging. This has helped to improve the effectiveness and safety of using the device.

Also, recent medical device guidance updates from China and the EU suggest that agencies now ensure the importance of well-designed packaging is strongly emphasized. However, there are several areas to consider regardless of the packaging type. This ensures that the packaging experience is practical, straightforward, and safe for users. Some of these areas include:

  • Identify And Balance The Needs Of Several End User Groups
  • Understand The Context Of Use
  • Guide The User’s Experience Through Labeling And Physical Components
  • Differentiate Similar Packaging

Identify And Balance The Needs Of Several End User Groups

When manufacturing or choosing medical device packaging, it is essential to categorize the users interacting with the device packaging. Also, the specific needs of these users must be understood. Often there are several end users when it comes to medical devices. These users include patients, caregivers, and health care providers. So when designing medical device packaging, manufacturers should check how the end users’ experiences can work together or overlap.

Understand The Context It Is Used In

Packaging for medical devices may serve several needs, depending on the use environment. Therefore, it is beneficial to understand the context of use. This includes storage, re-packaging, sterilization, and transportation needs. For instance, health care providers that work in sterile conditions may need different layers of protection from the packaging. This will help them keep their devices sterile before surgery. However, the manufacturers must clearly state how to keep the product sterilized on the packaging. It must also state how to verify if the device’s sterility has been compromised.

Guide The User’s Experience Through Labeling And Physical Components

Guiding the user’s experience through labeling and physical components is another way to implement protective medical packaging. This is because packaging can be used to support and reinforce training. It can also be used to design control measures for safe and efficient use. The packaging can have a step-by-step guide on how to use the device, making usage safer and easier for users.

Differentiate Similar Packaging

Packaging for medical devices must be designed so that they can be differentiated from similar products. For instance, when a medication, medical device, or a combination of products is identical to an existing item, there should be clear indications showing their differences. This could be in the form of formulation strength, size, shape, and color-coding.

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