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May 4, 2021

Organizing Your Packaging Solutions

By: admin/Packaging Solutions

For many businesses, packaging solutions may not be the first thing that comes to mind when they think of processes that need thorough organization. Businesses often focus on branding, marketing, and other, flashier, parts of the sales process. However, especially with the recent uptick in online shopping, having organized and well managed packaging solutions in place can be integral to successful sales. Optimizing your packaging solutions, and working with great quality packaging manufacturers, can really boost your brand and business reputation!

Firstly, it really pays off to be considered and strategic with your choice of packing materials. Not all packaging solutions are created equal, and some will be much more cost-effective and helpful in the long run. One of the most important things to keep in mind, is that keeping material as minimal as possible is key. Extra materials like bubble wrap or packing peanuts can really add up if they aren’t needed, maximizing cost and space. Not only will you have to shell out additional funds to purchase said materials, they will also make boxes heavier and larger due to the fact the bubble wrap and other packing materials will add weight and take up extra space. This is not optimal, and is also less eco-friendly than other, more minimal, packaging solutions. A great fix for this, is to invest in finding Canadian packaging companies who offer corrugated cardboard packing boxes. The corrugation provides extra cushioning and protection to the contents inside the boxes, without adding too much extra bulk or cost. Additionally, corrugated cardboard boxes have the fantastic advantage of being reusable and completely recyclable! This is so much more environmental in the long run than having to include unnecessary extra plastic every time you ship something off to a customer!

Speaking of cutting down waste, it is incredibly helpful to consider making the switch to packaging companies in Ontario that can customize your cardboard boxes. This is an easy investment to make that can really pay dividends in the long run. This is because customized cardboard boxes can be made to fit the exact dimensions that your product needs to be housed safely and efficiently. Investing in exactly the right sized packaging solutions will reduce unnecessary cost, space and materials. This will have financial benefits for your company, and will also (just like cutting down on unnecessary bubble wrap) be a more environmental solution.

At Coleman Containers packaging manufacturers, our custom corrugated cardboard boxes will provide supreme protection for your products. We will tailor make cardboard boxes to fit exactly the dimensions you need to comfortably house what you need shipped. We always use high grade materials, and our boxes are completely recyclable, so that you never need to choose between cost efficiency, quality, and meeting your environmental goals.

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