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May 27, 2021

Melding Ecommerce and Packaging Needs

By: admin/Packaging Solutions

Let’s talk about the importance of packaging in presenting your product to buyers. As one of the largest Packaging manufacturers in Ontario we have the capacity to supply any kind or volume of demand and have seen it all. Among the things we know and can quantify is how well made, beautiful and presentable packaging can positively impact sales, and vice versa.

E-commerce transaction volumes have multiplied so many times over the recent years that it is difficult to overestimate. As far back as 2018, Canadian e-commerce sales were predicted to reach 40 billion US dollars.. and exceeded that by a large margin! Moreover, in the same report they were expected to increase 4% every year. Which turned out to be a very modest expectation.

The reality is that 2020, with the global pandemic and ensuing lockdowns has created a new market for online sales. So much so that it has supply chains running out of storage and Canadian packaging companies working around the clock to cover the booming demand.

About the Book and its Cover

It is undeniable that plainly packaged boxes are less likely to be stolen in transit, but they do lose the lustre that can contribute to a wow effect from your buyers. After all the first actual contact your buyer has with your company is when they are handed the package.

As one of the prominent Packaging companies in Toronto we have studied the importance and effects of packaging on the buyer and on the overall shopping experience. Among the things your customers will find important are

1. The ease with which the package could be opened
2. The kinds of secondary content it contains
3. Branded materials and instructions
4. A personalized greeting note

It is all part of the physical experience but it truly begins with the box.

Holistic Packaging Approach

In order to get it just right, a few things need to be observed.

Double Packaging can really improve things. Most Canadian packaging companies will be happy to provide you with a sturdy and safe exterior mailing box, as well as beautifully printed interior packaging for the items themselves. It is also important to put enough packing material between those two layers so the inner box does not rattle or gets damaged during transportation.

Most if not all Packaging manufacturers will also be able to offer and supply you with rigid packaging materials such as plastic injections, thermoform or compression molding. This is a small expense compared to the cost of replacing damaged goods and repairing lost customer satisfaction.

And just like in the case with good packaging, this set of advice is only the first layer in a more complex approach that needs to be unpackaged further.

As one of the leading Packaging manufacturers in Canada we are here to help you unpack this problem and retrieve all of the solutions within.

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