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February 21, 2022

Incorporate Sustainability into Packaging for Medical Devices

By: admin/Eco-Friendly Packaging

Sustainability in packaging is incredibly important. Opting for more eco-friendly packaging can help your company to hit any sustainability targets. Additionally, sustainable packaging is appealing to customers and clients. Most people appreciate knowing that their choice of product comes with less ecologically wasteful packaging. One area however, that is often overlooked, is sustainability in medical packaging. Sustainable packaging is not just for cosmetics or clothing. Sustainable packaging can apply to any industry!

Tips and Tricks for Incorporating Sustainability into your Medical Device Packaging

Update Old Designs

The first tip for you to consider, is update any old, outdated packaging designs. Sometimes you can get into a rut with legacy packaging designs, which doesn’t serve you. You should carefully consider whether any of your packaging designs could be redone to require less materials. You, of course, still need to ensure that packaging is effective at keeping medical devices safe and sterile.

However, you might just be able to achieve that goal by using less excess materials in your medical packaging. Decreasing packaging size may even have some extra perks for you. Firstly, packaging with less material can often be more affordable to produce. Secondly, you might just find that consumers appreciate your more minimal packaging update. Bulky, excess packaging can be a deterrent to customers. Smaller packaging can be neater, and can even save space in storage.

Leverage New Technology

Tip number two, is to consider whether smart technology use can help you cut down on paper waste. Most medical devices will come with long, detailed papers explaining how they work. You must always ensure that clients know exactly how to use your device safely, of course. However, you can ask yourself, are there some other ways that I could be using less paper?

Perhaps you can send some information, such as receipt info, electronically. After all, papers can be misplaced fairly easily. Therefore, some clients may even prefer having an electronic version on hand. Though you will still need to invest in using paper for all important safety info. Perhaps you can offer receipt info electronically. You might be surprised by how many customers would prefer having a little less paper to throw away!

Choose Coleman Containers

If you are looking for medical device packaging companies, who also know about sustainability, we at Coleman Containers can help. We’ve been in the business of getting medical devices safely shipped to hospitals and clinics for many years now.

At Coleman Containers, you can opt for custom design, in order to optimize package performance and safety. We offer many different medical packaging options for you to choose from. For example, we carry heavy duty, corrugated cardboard for storing weightier devices. We also offer protective foams in rigid and soft varieties for extra protection.

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