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August 4, 2021

How Temperature Controlled Packaging is on the Rise in 2021

By: admin/Custom Packaging

The COVID-19 pandemic has truly created shifts within the packaging industry on a fundamental level. When business moved toward being mostly online in order to help with social distancing efforts, the packaging industry had to step up to increased demand and an entirely different sort of logistical space. Purveyors of food packaging supplies Toronto had to be quick on their feet in order to help many industries shift towards the new landscape of how customers shopped.

An area that has been really taking off in 2021, is temperature controlled packaging. Because of what has been called “the Amazon effect”, customers are now more than ever continuing to rely on delivery when it comes to everything from food to everyday items. This trend did have roots in the shift to virtual shopping that was caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, with customers having to rely on delivery of goods like never before. However, even with in person shopping being an increasingly available option for many areas, the shift to virtual retail has stuck around in many ways. Which can have a big effect on food packaging supplies everywhere.

When it comes to food packaging, temperature controlled packaging options have become more important than ever. Since the start of the pandemic, food delivery options have expanded and increased in a big way. No longer was food delivery mainly just about the occasional takeout order, there was so much more for Canadian food packaging suppliers to contend with. One such boom in the food packaging marketplace, was the increase in customer interest in meal subscription kits. Online grocery delivery was also often being employed at higher levels. Additionally, food establishments that had never before relied much (if at all) on deliveries had to take their business into the online space in order to stay afloat. Everywhere from your local café, to the cookie shop down the block had to figure out not only how to make the switch to delivery, but also how to safely and hygienically package their food products for said delivery.

With the nature of so many foods being temperature reliant, packaging options that could provide good temperature control have been more in demand than ever. Additionally, medical products have also driven some of the ongoing 2021 boom in temperature controlled packaging. Part of this has been that customers who would not have before considered receiving their prescriptions via mail (such as the population of senior citizens) made the shift to online prescription ordering because of the pandemic. All in all, the pandemic has shown more than ever that those who provide food packaging supplies Toronto must always be quick on their feet, and able to adapt to changes in the market. We at Coleman Containers are always happy to promote interesting industry news, even for products we do not currently carry. It is all a part of our commitment to having informed customers!

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