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August 11, 2021

How “Just in Time” Inventory Helps Small Business

By: admin/Packaging Solutions

When it comes to helping small businesses, something that really needs to be more widely known is the “just in time” inventory strategy. This is a strategy that actually first gained some traction all the way back in 1986 when the Harvard Business Review reported on how “just in time” inventory strategies (based on certain parts of Japanese manufacturing techniques) could be a big help to businesses. Despite the fact that this strategy has been out there for decades now, and despite the many benefits of implementing “just in time” inventory strategies, it is still not always widely being used! This is a real shame because it is a strategy that can especially help small businesses to thrive, by partnering them with the right packaging companies in Toronto.

However, you now may be asking, what exactly is the “just in time” strategy? Well, it is a fairly simple premise, that can pay dividends in the long run! It is meant to help free up floorspace and time for companies! To employ the “just in time” method, a company will partner up with packaging manufacturers who will hang onto the company inventory. The packaging companies in Ontario will then send over inventory only when said inventory is required by the company. This will generally take place over a space of 60 days, where inventory will be sent over on an “as needed” basis. This can help small businesses gain back precious floor space!

The “just in time” method, when employed correctly, can help give you back space and also help boost your cash flow! Simply not having to worry about holding onto so much extra inventory, not knowing when it might need to be unloaded, can be a huge weight off of the minds of many small business owners! The key? Finding the right packaging companies in Toronto to partner up with. That is where we at Coleman Containers have your back! As your just in time supplier partner, we can help you free up space and cut costs!

When you choose Coleman Containers as your “just in time” delivery partner, you are choosing to be part of a consultative partnership. We always take your needs into account! We have what we call a “needs analysis” approach so that even when your needs change, we can change right along with you! We also use our own fleet of trucks to deliver your “just in time’ deliveries, meaning that we will have expert control over your “just in time” strategy, every step of the way! We also offer extended business hours, from seven thirty to five o’clock, all so that you never have to wait on our service! So start reaping the benefits of employing the “just in time” delivery method, and help support your small business efforts today!

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