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August 24, 2022

Exploring Rigid Packaging

By: admin/Custom Packaging

Rigid packaging is an interesting option for companies. Firstly, we should define what “rigid packaging” even is. Rigid packaging refers to packaging that is firm and inflexible, like glass or metal. Rigid packaging can be very aesthetically pleasing. For example, glass packaging that has been decorated with beautiful printed paper. The rigid aspect of this packaging can lend itself well to many different aesthetic looks and feels. This is of course, beneficial. However, the firm and inflexible nature of this type of product packaging is interesting because it comes with its own pros and cons list. Like many other packaging solutions, rigid packaging has benefits and potential negatives.

Benefits of Investing in Rigid Custom Packaging Solutions

  • Probably one of the biggest elements of rigid packaging, is that it can have an incredibly luxe and polished feel. Glass packaging is a great example of this, conveying elegance and a high-end feel. So, rigid packaging solutions can really help convey the look and feel that you want to associate with your brand. The high-end nature of rigid packaging can really help differentiate your product from other, less beautifully packaged, options.
  • Rigid packaging solutions Canada are also helpful because they are known for being sturdy and strong! Because rigid packaging is so firm, think of metal or strong plastic, it can be incredibly protective. The rigid nature of this type of packaging can help keep your products safe, especially when they have to be shipped over long distances.

Potential Negatives of Investing in Rigid Packaging Solutions

  • The opposite side of the high-end packaging coin, is cost. Rigid packaging does often tend to be more expensive than other types of packaging. Though rigid packaging can help your brand to convey luxury, this will mean that the packaging itself can cost your company. It is really a question of whether or not your company believes that rigid packaging is worth the financial investment. This will be a different answer for every company and every product!
  • Additionally, the rigid nature of rigid packaging can create issues during transportation. Yes, the sturdy and inflexible nature of rigid packaging can keep products safe. However, it can also make shipping empty packaging bulky and costly. Rigid packaging tends to be less collapsible, and tends to take up more space than other, more flexible, packaging.

Custom Packaging at Coleman Containers

The good news is that, whatever your company decides, Coleman Containers can work with your packaging decisions! We offer companies the chance to customize your packaging, so that you can find the right packaging to suit your specific needs. So, whether you want to invest in rigid packaging or not, Coleman Containers is here to help. We can customize our packaging to your every requirement. We also pride ourselves on being speedy with our deliveries, and affordable but quality.

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