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January 10, 2022

Enhancing Customer Loyalty with Sustainable Packaging

By: admin/Eco-Friendly Packaging

Trends in packaging often include things like aesthetic design. Or perhaps, the way you choose to display a product. However, there is one “trend” in packaging that is much more than just a trend. Environment friendly packaging only becomes more important with every passing year. Sustainable packaging obviously has many benefits for the planet.

By choosing minimal packaging made of sustainable materials, your company can really streamline their eco footprint. Sustainable packaging can also help your company to meet sustainability goals. However, sustainable packaging has one other big upside. Environment friendly packaging can actually increase customer loyalty! Yes, you heard that right! One big perk of opting for sustainable packaging, is that customers often appreciate it. Many customers are even willing to pay more for products that come in sustainable packaging.

Ways To Implement Sustainable Packaging

Minimize Packaging

One of the most effective sustainability efforts that you can make, is also pretty easy. One key way that environmentally friendly packaging companies can do their best work, is by minimizing packaging. Yes, packaging is important. Packaging safely houses products and keeps them safe during shipping and delivery.

Packaging can also leverage your brand appeal as a company with a cool aesthetic. However, there is no need for you to over package products. By only using the bare minimum amount of materials needed, you can cut down on packaging waste. This means that you should always attempt to keep product packaging itself as minimal as possible.

Be Mindful of Additional Materials

Tip number two, is to be thoughtful and mindful when sending extra promotional materials. Only include what you think will actually get used up. If you want to send some gifts with purchase, be strategic about it. You don’t want to create unnecessary waste by sending a customer a product they will just be discarding.

You should commit to sending careful extras, that customers will likely appreciate and use. This will also help you company to stand out to customers, who will be more satisfied with these items. You should also be mindful about any other extras, like promotional cards. Only include them if you think they will be truly needed. And if you can use less material for promotional materials, consider doing so.

Choose Sustainable Partners

Lastly, work with great, sustainable packaging companies. A company who has more experience with creating sustainable products can help your company meet their sustainability goals. At Coleman Containers, we know all about producing environment friendly packaging.

We provide many different types of biodegradable and sustainable packaging materials. We also implement many eco-friendly manufacturing practices. Our plant is committed to using city water, and effectively treating all of our wastewater. We reduce energy use by using cool roofing and energy-efficient lighting. We also use eco-friendly cleaning supplies, so that we don’t contaminate wastewater with hard chemicals.

Learn more about boosting sustainability in your packaging with Coleman Containers.

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