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July 19, 2021

Determining the Cost of Custom Packaging

By: admin/Custom Packaging

Custom packaging is a great option for companies looking to upgrade and elevate the experience of their products. A thoughtful and well-designed piece of custom packaging can make your product seem more impactful, and can make your brand more memorable! Custom product packaging offers a more personal touch and shows that your company pays attention to details.

However, a question you may be asking yourself is, how can I determine what the cost of custom packaging might be? Well, you’ve come to the right place! A common mistake many companies make, is to shy away from custom product packaging boxes all together, simply because they fear the cost. This can lead to many companies all opting for the same standard packaging, which can hurt brand recognition and make your product meld into the background among so many similar products. The good news, is that the cost of custom cosmetic packaging boxes can be adjusted based on your needs and wants. Custom packaging is not a monolith! Depending on what your company packaging needs will be, you can adjust your packaging aesthetic to fit better within your budget.

The first choice that will affect the cost of your custom packaging, is what packaging material you choose to go with. Certain materials will naturally be higher cost, and those on a stricter budget will want to opt for packaging materials that are durable and affordable. A good option that is both sturdy and one of the more affordable materials available, is cardboard. Cardboard, especially corrugated cardboard, is well known for it’s ability to keep contents safe, while also being one of the more cost-effective packaging options available. Once a material choice has been made, additional costs pertaining to the custom packaging itself will also stem from how many “extras” such as: box inserts, packaging artwork, matte lamination, speciality coatings and more , you would like.

All of these “extras” can add another personal touch to your custom packaging, but for those looking to stick to a budget: it can be prudent to decide which of these “extras” will make the biggest impact when it comes to elevating the experience of your product. Perhaps part of your unique branding is your logo artwork. In that case, it might be worth splurging on a more complex artwork design. However, if your artwork can be more minimal and still get the point across, minimal designs do tend to cost less. Is your product part of a set or leaning towards the fragile side of things? Perhaps consider spending on box inserts to help hold and support your products.

At the end of the day, finding the perfect custom product packaging that will elevate your brand and fit your budget is all about finding a packaging supplier who will work with you! At Coleman Containers, we offer many things: sustainability in our packaging options, anti-crush technology to keep your products safe, and adaptability. Our custom cosmetic packaging can be adapted to suit your needs. Worried about budgets? Request a quote with us today, so that you can know what your custom packaging designs might realistically cost, and work from there!

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