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June 15, 2022

Designing Quality Food Packaging

By: admin/Food Packaging

The food industry is arguably among the most competitive industries in the global market. Due to the high competition in the industry, all the players in the sector must continuously think of unique ideas to attract customers. Apart from offering tempting and delicious food items, they use packaging as a tool to attract their target audience. In fact, packaging is a crucial element of the food industry, and it is as important as the main product.

These business owners understand that inappropriately packed food can lead to a disastrous experience. Business owners work with reputable Canadian food packaging suppliers like Coleman Containers to prevent this and compete effectively. This helps them serve their customers right, promote their brand, and increase their customer base. It will also help to facilitate shipping and prolong their product’s shelf-life.

Latest Trends In Food Packaging

Knowing the latest food packaging ideas will help business owners select the proper packaging and keep the game up. Business owners in the food industry can give their packaging an advantage by incorporating ideas such as:

  • Minimal Design
  • Creativity
  • Bold Colors
  • Functionality
  • Minimal Design

Food industry professionals can take inspiration from road signage and book covers when working with reputable Canadian food packaging suppliers. This helps them break free from big typefaces and cluttered designs.


Today, many manufacturers are getting creative with their packaging. They are getting creative with the shape, size, colors, and materials of their packaging.

Bold Colors

Currently, bold colors are in fashion when it comes to food packaging. They are effective in attracting customers and work well with various packaging designs.


Functionality is another trend in the food industry. Many food manufacturers ensure that the food packaging they use is functional and can serve specific purposes. They even work with food packaging companies to design functional, top-quality packaging. For instance, some food companies use packaging materials that enable customers to move their food materials around easily.

Food Packaging And Design Tips

Choosing a suitable product packaging and design can be challenging. It is even more of a worry for eCommerce packaging because the products have to be shipped to far-off locations. Thankfully, these tips can help one choose a better packaging and design.

  • Choosing The Right Material
  • Industry Regulations
  • Packaging And Branding

Choosing The Right Material

The first step to getting the packaging right is by choosing the suitable packaging material. There are several materials to choose from for packaging in the food industry today. This includes corrugated boxes, boxboards, cardboards, courier bags, plastics, and paper bags. Knowing that these different materials have pros and cons is beneficial.

Industry Regulations

When choosing food packaging designs, it is essential to abide by the industry’s regulations. Going against the packaging regulations provided by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) can attract severe consequences.

Packaging And Branding

When choosing suitable packaging, the business owner should also think of branding. This is because their product packaging is constantly interacting with their customers. It can be used as a tool for an effective marketing campaign. But if branding is not considered when choosing the packaging, they will miss a huge opportunity.

Ensure you work with a reputable manufacturer or supplier when designing your custom food packaging. Contact Coleman Containers today if you need tested and trusted food packaging in Canada. At Coleman Containers, we are dedicated to providing long-term packaging solutions that meet our customer’s needs. We also consider their entire business operations when working on suitable packaging designs.

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