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December 9, 2021

Designing an Effective Medical Device Package

By: admin/Medical Packaging

Packaging for medical devices is incredibly important. Ensuring that a medical device is kept sterile, and in good working order, is absolutely imperative. And so often, the piece of the puzzle that can make the difference between a well-kept medical device, and a contaminated or damaged medical device, is the packaging. For all of these reasons, and more, it is very important to design effective, and good quality, medical packaging.

Leave Time for Design Changes

The first tip to keep in mind, when designing medical device packaging, is to give yourself plenty of time for the packaging design process. This is important for so many reasons, all of which can be a bit different, depending on your medical packaging needs. However, what this generally boils down to, is that you want to give yourself more than enough time to correct any potential design errors with your packaging.

Prepare for Reworks

You want to be able to test for potential packaging failures well in advance, so that any issues that you find can be fixed before production begins. Additionally, you may need to test for finding the best method of keeping medical devices sterile within your choice of packaging. This long design period is also important, because you will want to ensure that you are fully in line with any safety regulations that may apply to your packaging of choice.

Choose the Right Size

Additionally, it is helpful to ensure that all packaging components are sized well. This may seem like a strange detail to focus on, but it can really make or break a piece of packaging! If the different components of a specific type of packaging are not all cohesive sizes, it could cause issues with contamination. If anything slides out of a box, because the inserts were too small, or if the inserts are too big and cause movement within a larger package, that can create opportunities for contamination of medical devices. All this being said, it is also important to engage in all relevant testing that must be done to any pieces of packaging for medical devices, to ensure proper quality.

Coleman Containers

If you are looking for medical device packaging companies with lots of great options for you to choose from, look no further than Coleman Containers. We’ve been helping medical packaging manufacturers get their medical devices safely to hospitals and clinics for years now. We offer a wide range of packaging solutions, so that you can choose the exact right packaging that will best suit your needs. With everything from heavy duty corrugated packaging, to anti-static protective foams, there are lots of options available. We also provide custom design, so that every piece of medical equipment can be housed in packaging that is custom made to fit.

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