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August 8, 2022

Considerations for Eco Friendly Packaging

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Packaging is an important thing. All companies know this. Additionally, any individuals time as a consumer and customer demonstrates the importance of packaging. After all, the packaging that a product resides in is more often than not the very first thing that a potential consumer will see. Beautiful and sleek packaging can convey that your brand is prestigious. Minimalistic packaging in neutral colours can help give your brand a cool and modern feel. Packaging tells a story. So, the questions remains, what kind of story is your packaging telling? Whatever your brand aesthetic may be, environment friendly packaging lets the consumer know that your company cares.

The benefits of making the switch to more eco friendly packaging Canada are myriad. Firstly, and most importantly, eco-friendly packaging can help minimize your company’s footprint on the environment. Packaging that won’t sit in landfills for years can help keep your environmental conscious clean.

Additionally, eco-friendly packaging can help your company hit it’s sustainability goals. This not only feels great, it can also help put your company on the map as a sustainability focused company. This is great in and of itself, but it can also really help with your business! More and more, consumers want to know that the companies they support align with their values. One big value for many consumers is the environment. Environment friendly packaging helps signal customers that your company is putting the environment first.

Eco Friendly Packaging Specifications and Options

  • One option for keeping your packaging more environmentally friendly, is to ensure that your packaging is completely recyclable. This means that your packaging components can end up being recycled for other use, rather than going straight to landfills.
  • Additionally, you can consider compostable or biodegradable materials. This is often a point of confusions for companies, as compostable and biodegradable packaging are very similar, but are slightly different. Compostable packaging is able to break down and provide nutrients to soil, and thus can be put into the compost. Biodegradable material, on the other hand, is packaging that will completely degrade and decompose back into the environment. Both are great options for keeping your packaging sustainable.
  • Lastly, do not get caught up into the trap of thinking that eco friendly packaging Canada is simply boring and basic. Working to create packaging that is more environmentally friendly is already a form of innovation. Many sustainable packaging manufacturers are thoughtful in all ways, creating packaging that is cleverly made to maximize consumer experience as well. So keep an eye out for smart features that would add to your consumer experience, like sturdy packaging that makes transport easier. At Coleman Containers, we pride ourselves on making packaging that is great quality, and sustainable. We believe that eco-friendly packaging should be the norm, and offer multiple other great features as well.
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