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February 3, 2022

Benefits of Outsourcing Pharma Packaging

By: admin/Medical Packaging

With improvements and advancements in technology, pharmaceutical packaging has taken on a new, more efficient source. Contract packaging out-of-house is a new and improved method for packaging pharmaceutical items. It is more cost-effective to invest in a contract packaging organization (CPO). There are a few other reasons why this is the new method of choice for pharmaceutical packaging in Canada.

What is Pharmaceutical Packaging

With any form of distributing services and goods, pharmaceutical packaging is a specialized way of packaging drugs. The production involves packaging the drugs correctly in safe-to-handle packaging and distributing the products to the intended consumer. Pharmaceutical packaging services specialize in handling drugs to ensure they are in perfect condition when they reach their destination.

Three Main Reasons

It used to be more common for pharmaceutical companies to package products in-house. But with the advancement of pharmaceutical packaging in Canada, contract packaging has become a better option. The reasons include:

  • Innovations in packaging technology

Pharmaceutical companies can take advantage of the new technology without posing a risk to their own business. Pharmaceutical packaging services can implement new designs and innovations on behalf of the company, alleviating any risks or extra costs. Outsourcing pharma packaging means the companies have the ability to change their packaging preferences. It would be costly to source new packaging and create new designs if this was done in-house.

  • Serial numbers

Another main reason pharmaceutical companies are outsourcing their packaging is the implementation of serial numbers. Serial numbers are assigned to each product. The number contains information about the product, including where it was manufactured, the batch, and the expiry date. When using pharmaceutical packaging in Canada, the companies already have systems for serialization. This saves time and money for pharmaceutical companies that do not have this.

  • Focus more on the success of the company

Outsourcing packaging means more time to focus on other essential factors. Seeking professional assistance allows pharmaceutical companies to invest more attention in other critical business areas. Drug companies are in place to research and develop new drugs, not create new packaging methods. They can dedicate their time fully to their primary objectives and goals and leave the packaging to packaging professionals. Packaging can be a hassle, but professional packaging companies can alleviate any undue stress and worry.

At Coleman Containers, we are a trusted pharmaceutical packaging supplier and can help you meet your packaging needs. Outsourcing packaging has become a common practice amongst pharmaceutical companies. Leave the packaging to the pros and save more time and money to focus on your primary objectives. To learn more about our methods and services, visit our website.

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