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July 15, 2021

Benefits of Corrugated Boxes

By: admin/Corrugated Packaging

If your company needs a packaging solution, look no further than corrugated board!

If you’re new to packaging and your company needs a sustainable cost-wise solution to protect and move your products, then it’s to your benefit to understand all the many great benefits of using corrugated boxes in Canada – and even corrugated displays for in-store displays.

But first, a little explanation on just what corrugated board means.

Corrugated board isn’t cardboard. Whereas cardboard is essentially a heavy-duty paper product that makes good cookie and cereal boxes, corrugated board has a great many more features and benefits because of its construction and versatility. Corrugated board consists of an inside and outside liner, and between these two liners is sandwiched a corrugated medium that consists of minute “flutes”, which are little wave-like structures that provide much of the strength and insulation qualities of the board. Plus, corrugated board comes in a wide variety of grades. So, given its incredible versatility, corrugated board typically becomes the “go to” product for the packaging and shipping of everything from automotive parts, to pharmaceutical and medical supplies, clothing, food products, and so much more. Getting a corrugated packaging company involved in your packaging processes is just good sense.

And the benefits provided by corrugated board are extensive indeed. For example, corrugated boxes are renowned for:

Strength and Durability: The structure of corrugated board and its many available grades make it a remarkably strong packaging material that also offers lightness of weight. Strength, resilience, durability, insulation… the list goes on and on!

Recyclable and Biodegradable: One of the key advantages of corrugated board is that it is a recyclable material that is also biodegradable. It can be recycled again and again and is not detrimental to the environment!

Cost Effectiveness: When looking for ways to save money, it is corrugated board that comes to the rescue for packaging and display – and this is yet one more reason why the material is so popular with companies that need a cost-wise packaging solution with benefits.

Applications: The many applications and uses of corrugated board is virtually unlimited. Cutting-edge custom design capabilities now make real-world solutions for what was once only imagined!

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