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May 25, 2022

6 Sustainable Packaging Options

By: admin/Eco-Friendly Packaging

Sustainability is definitely a topic that will only grow in relevance as time goes by. Consumers and businesses alike are starting to understand the detrimental effects that non-sustainable packaging can have on the environment. As sustainable technology evolves, and as our understanding of how packaging can be updated grows, there are now so many environmental options. Sustainable packaging companies have more options to offer than you might think.

6 Key Sustainable Materials to Look Out For

  • Recycled cardboard and paper packaging is classic eco friendly packaging Canada. Using paper products in your packaging that are made of recycled materials is much more sustainable. Recycled cardboard is not as taxing on the planet, as it reuses materials that have already been sourced. Recycled cardboard is also an easy place to start, as you probably already use some cardboard in your packaging solutions.
  • Making smart material swaps is a great way to integrate sustainability into your packaging model. Environmental packaging solutions are all about savvy pivoting. One great potential pivot is to swap out Styrofoam packaging fillers for comparable, biodegradable options. Styrofoam does not biodegrade, and can easily contaminate local water supplies. For this reason, it is prudent to consider switching to biodegradable options for packaging filler and cushioning.
  • Another great switch to consider pertains to bubble wrap. Plastic bubble wrap is a very sustainable option but has been implemented for a very long time. However, did you know that sustainable packaging companies can make “bubble wrap” out of corrugated cardboard? Yes, corrugated cardboard can be used in place of bubble wrap to cushion packages.
  • Excessive use of plastic is one of the biggest problems when it comes to unsustainable packaging today. Plastic shows up everywhere in the packaging process, but it does not have to! You can implement smart eco friendly packaging Canada options in lieu of plastic, such as “air pillows”. Air pillows are made of biodegradable or biodegradable material and can help cushion products while also cutting down excess plastic use.
  • Consider innovative solutions, such as mushroom packaging. Yes, there are now packaging options made of plant material such as mushrooms. There will always be innovative new sustainable packaging solutions, so keep an eye out for them!
  • Similarly, did you know that packaging can also be made from seaweed? Materials derived from seaweed can now be used to create biodegradable, and even edible, packaging solutions.

Investing in Sustainability with Coleman Containers

At Coleman Containers, we value sustainability. We understand that packaging should have less of an impact on our planet, all while still providing excellent durability. We want to help preserve our environment while helping your company reach your sustainability goals. We offer a myriad of sustainable packaging options for you to choose from.

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