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Coleman Containers supplies custom corrugated packaging solutions to businesses in Canada and the US. We take your entire business operations into consideration, offering long-term solutions to your packaging needs. ...read more on our solutions page.

Since 1966, customers have come to trust the Coleman Containers name for their packaging needs. They buy from us because we always use fair business practices, always provide competitive pricing, and always provide top quality.

As we celebrate our 48th Anniversary in business, we are more committed than ever to you, our customers!

  • we're expanding our 85,000 square foot Etobicoke manufacturing plant
  • we've purchased new equipment to create even better packaging solutions in less time
  • we're upgrading our facilities
  • we've upgraded our fleet of trucks
  • we've become more environmentally responsible by the installation of a "Cool Roof"
  • and, we continue our commitment to ISO 9001 - 2008 certification

RichardCiupakWe're looking forward to the next 48 years of doing business with you!  Call us at 1-800-493-7441 to discuss your needs.

Richard Ciupak
President, Coleman Containers

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