Box Information

1.  Styles

There are many shapes and styles of boxes that businesses need and we can do them all. Let's take a look at some common styles:


Regular Slotted Carton (RSC) are manufactured from one piece of corrugated board which is scored and slotted to form a body having flaps for closing on each of two opposite faces. The lengthwise flaps normally meet at the centre of the box when folded. This is a highly efficient design for many applications as there is very little manufacturing waste. The RSC can be used for most products and is the most common style of box.


Half-Slotted Carton (HSC) is very similar to the RSC but without 1 set of flaps.


Full Overlap Slotted Carton (FOL) - All flaps are the same length, approximately the width of the box. When closed the outer flaps come within 1" of a complete overlap. This style is especially resistant to rough handling. When stacked on it's bottom panel the overlapping flaps provide added cushioning. When stacked on it's side the extra thickness provides added stacking strength.


Five Panel Wrap Carton


Cut Out Wrap Carton - Folders consist of one or more cut and scored pieces which provide an unbroken outer bottom surface. Lengthwise outer flaps must meet or overlap.


Full Telescope Carton -


Telescope Carton With Lid - see explanation for half-slotted box with cover.


Half Slotted Carton With Lid - consists of body and cover sections, the cover section extending over sides of body section less than two thirds the depth of the body.


Full Telescope Half Slotted Carton - consists of body and cover sections of equal depth, cover extending to bottom (FTHS and FTD).

We also offer corrugated returnable totes and WIP bins, a cost-effective alternative to plastic returnable.

2.  Size

BND HowToMeasure

There are three dimensions that define the size of corrugated boxes, and we always define these using the inside measurements so your box will fit your products perfectly:

Length - to the closest 1/16"
Width - to the closest 1/16"
Depth (or height) - to the closest 1/16"

Dimensions are based on the opening of an assembled box. Once open find the longer of the sides - this is considered the "Length". The shorter of the 2 sides is considered the "Width". The side perpendicular to the length and width is the "Depth" of the box.

3.  Box Strength

The strength of a corrugated box starts with its material. A corrugated sheet consists of 2 major components - liner and medium. Liner is the flat paper that covers both sides of the sheet and the medium is the fluted paper found between the liners. The flute, when glued to the linerboards with a starch based adhesive resists bending and pressure from all directions. When placed vertically on its ends, the flutes form vertical columns that are capable of supporting considerable amounts of weight.

Flutes come in several heights, the most common being C flute which is used for RSC's and B flute which is used for die cut boxes.

Edge Crush Test (ECT) - ECT measures how much resistance the box has to being crushed. The factors that calculate ECT are the liners (flat part of box wall construction), the medium (fluted material), and the type of flute used (C, B, A, E). Coleman Containers offers corrugated boxes in:

Single Wall ECT: 23 – 26 – 29 – 32 – 40 – 44 - 55
Double Wall ECT: 42 – 48 – 51 - 61 – 71 - 81
Triple Wall - Special Orders

Flute - The flute is the arched paper that is adhered to the liners on each side. C Flute (3/16") and B Flute (1/8") are the most commonly ordered single wall flutes and BC (5/16") is the most popular double wall combination.

4.  Closure

Most customers choose boxes that are sealed with a glue tab on the inside of the carton. We can also provide specialty closures such as stitching.

5.  Colour / Printing

Corrugated box liner is normally kraft (brown). Oyster (white) liner can be also ordered in most flutes and strengths.

Oyster (white) liner is ofter used where graphic and colour quality is an important factor. Standard colours are available for Next Day delivery whereas special inks can be ordered for 5 day delivery.

Boxes can be printed up to 3 colours using flexographic printing, the most commonly used process in box printing. The designs can be provided by you or our graphic designers can create custom graphics for you.

6.  Quantity

How many boxes do you need? Many companies need fast turnarounds and don't want to carry boxes in inventory, so Coleman Containers has invested in ultra-fast machines that can deliver high volumes right away.

7.  Shipping Requirements

Where do the boxes need to go? We ship all over Canada and the United States. Boxes can be bundled on standard skids, CHEP pallets, or configured for your warehouse / storage specs. We can also create samples for you to try in your warehouse before committing to full orders.

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Since moving our business to Coleman Containers in November of 2000, we have been very pleased with the quality and service that they provide to us. We have been able to reduce our inventories, increase our turns on cartons, and can always count on Coleman to come through when we need them in crisis situations. I would highly recommend Coleman as a supplier, they truly know the meaning of the phrase Customer Service.

Christine Richer
Logistics Manager
Shrader Canada Limited